If you run from the rain it will follow you; if you run through the rain it will pass.
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Typewriter Series #918 by Tyler Knott Gregson

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Street Art byDavid Zinn


Holy shit

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I cried for a few minutes while walking home tonight. The littlest things throw my emotions off course. I’m not really in control of this soul anymore, this heart, this mind.

Then I stopped. How does that happen? I feel like a sunken ship one minute, then the next I propel myself upwards towards the surface. And it feels so surreal. I am a ghost ship. Spot me in the fog sporadically, for I cannot rest. But the calm dead sea, I will let you dream.

Here you go, Panda! It’s such bad quality! I miss this weekend! Made it a while ago but you don’t have FB anymore!


I wish I could be them so I could fly away. I wish my wings made the right song to make you stay. I wish I was the black on the grey. I wish I always knew the right words to say. I wish you knew that yesterday was worth less than today. I wish I could be them so I could fly away.

There are silent waterfalls drowning my lungs. I can’t delineate the erosive carvings they chisel upon my trachea into literature.

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